First tool for the integral management of the informed consent procedure in digital format.

  • Tool designed by and for healthcare professionals.
  • Total automation of the procedure.
  • Easy to understand through animated videos.
  • Elimination of any manual process and its associated costs.
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Smart Consent Features
Supports patient understanding and provides security at every step of informed consent.

The solution

For the patient: Facilitates the understanding and acceptance of the indicated procedure; reduces doubts, uncertainties and fears derived from lack of knowledge.

For the professional: It standardizes the information presented to the patient, assures in a total and absolute way the integrity of the Signed Consent, reduces documentary costs and process times.

All in one tool

It includes explanatory video for the patient with 3D animations in high definition, detailed information of the medical procedure in a colloquial language, digital signature and data recording integrated with the system of each center.

Visual and interactive

Intuitive, easy-to-understand eHealth solution that guides the patient through the entire informed consent process: from explaining the procedure to digitally signing the protected PDF document, which can be integrated into the patient’s medical record.


Smart Consent is designed to work with systems iOS, Android, for different idiosyncrasies and languages, easily parameterizable and adaptable to specific needs.

It improves the relationship with your patients

Are you a health professional? Smart Consent ensures that all patients receive the same information. This easy and simple tool leaves a positive impression on the patient as the focus is on the patient.

It links education directly to informed consent and provides patient safety and operational certainty to the professional.

In addition, it facilitates day-to-day administrative management and relieves the healthcare professional of this work.



You run a medical center? Smart Consent offers you a management tool that encompasses everything. It is a useful tool that saves the professional time. Time that can be spent on medical issues with the patient and not on administrative formalities.

It eliminates the additional costs of manipulation, digitization and archiving.

Ensures the custody of the document, integrating it into the patient’s medical record.

eHealth Solution

Software adapted to different specialities: dentistry, ophthalmology, traumatology, urology, gynaecology, etc.

Smart Consent‘s eHealth solution facilitates the informed consent procedure and provides a legal guarantee that it has been understood and signed by the patient.

The application gives the necessary explanations both in the explanatory video itself, as well as on subsequent support screens, which may be supported by the physician. It stores historical authorizations and rejections, minimizes erroneous decisions and is permanently updated.

The tool

  • Graphic and textual description
  • Easy to understand video
  • Clear language
  • Approved, centralized and secure consents
  • Capture of information by digital signature and consent authorization voice. Once the information phase is completed, the patient digitally signs and orally validates the acceptance of consent, the tool allows direct integration into the patient’s medical record

Streamlines informed consent management

Smart Consent digitizes

It covers the entire informed consent process, from the informational phase to complete management with digital signature and verbal acceptance.

  • User and patient management
  • Integration with clinical history
  • Real-time recording
  • PDF generation and sending to the patient

Smart Consent Dentistry

Version of the application specifically designed and adapted to the needs of the dental sector, which includes videos of the most common procedures used.

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