Informed Consent Software

Informed consent is a patient’s voluntary authorization to perform diagnostic or investigational procedures, as well as medical and surgical treatment, assuming the risks of such a procedure

This act is largely based on three principles. The patient must:

  • Be mentally competent to make the decision.
  • Have adequate information on which to base your decision.
  • Arrive at a decision voluntarily, without coercion or undue influence from health professionals, family or friends.

Informed Consent Goes Digital

Smart Consent is a before and after in the management of the Informed Consent procedure.

Traditionally, the process is abstract, impersonal, bureaucratic and sometimes insecure.

New technologies make this process more understandable, simple and satisfactory for the patient. In addition, it guarantees the healthcare center greater security in the management of this informed consent.

By improving the patient’s understanding, Smart Consent makes it easier for the information transmitted to remain in the patient’s memory. Thanks to the visualization of the procedures, the intervention can be explained more easily, increasing the patient’s satisfaction rate. The remote signature allows the videos to be viewed at home with the whole family.

Our tool presents an informed consent designed to facilitate the patient’s decision making while protecting the clinic’s interests by incorporating a digital storage system for the consents.